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MacCVie Biometric Systems..
Biometrics is technologies used for measuring and analyzing a person's unique characteristics.

- It's a system which is used to monitor the employees attendence through proximity access ID cards (RFID) or by using Finger print Detection Technique.

- They serve dual purpose for both identification and for time entry.

Biometric / RFID Card Attendence Machine with Door Access Control
- With Finger print Detection
Biometric / RFID Card Attendence Machine.
- With Finger print Detection

RFID Card Reder
Touch less time attendence Reader

Electomagnetic Locks EMI locks

RFID Cards
These cards can be designed to hold all employee details including name of the company, address, hologram, Employee name, ID number, photo images, designation, depart,ment etc.

What are biometric systems used for
Why are biometrics secure?
Biometric devices comprises of
What are the main types of biometric systems?
Benefits of fingerprint biometric systems

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