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MacCVie Commercial Automation..
We Create Automation solutions for:

" Offices
" Hotels
" Factories
" Showrooms
" Malls
" Parking spaces
" Institutions

MacCVie creates automation solutions for businesses to ease and enhance the lives of the employees who occupy the space every day. Our commercial automation solutions, allow staff to perform their tasks with greater efficiency and help reduce energy costs.

Who needs keys and time cards when you can manage who comes and goes with our RFID access cards? Provide your employees with access cards that they pass over an RFID sensor to enter the facility. You can even print the RFID cards right from your office.

Create a state-of-the-art board room to host clients and employees for meetings, presentations, etc. With the press of a button on the MacCVie remote, the projector lowers from the ceiling and powers on, the projection screen rolls down, lights dim, window shades roll down, audio is activated, and the DVD player comes on. MacCVie can even shut the doors to the room. All of these steps are automated by the power of MacCVie!

Want to offer the perfect home away from home? Equip your hotel suites with the luxuries provided by MacCVie commercial automation system. Tenants could make their rooms more like home by customizing lights and sound to create personalized moods. Your guests will also be able to tune in to satellite radio or local channels.

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