1) CCTV Cameras...

IP Cameras

IP camera is a device, which allows us to view, manage and record live, full motion video from anywhere in the world over the internet, using a standard web-browser. The cameras can be connected directly to existing IP networks.

Maccvie cameras

Planex Series

Maccvie cameras

IC Series

Maccvie cameras

Multiplix Series

Maccvie cameras

Vivotek Series

Maccvie cameras

Axis Series

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras are devices that requires connection to a coaxial cable, to a multiplexer, to a video or time lapse recorder, and to a locally placed CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor.

Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras

All in one

Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras

Car Rear View

Maccvie cameras


Hidden Cameras

Maccvie cameras


Maccvie cameras

MT -01

Maccvie cameras

MT -02

Maccvie cameras

MT -03

Maccvie cameras


2) Security Systems...

With the MacCVie Home Security and automation system, your home will be safe and secure for your peace of mind. MacCVie offers you the protection of traditional systems- motion detectors and door alarms, but with more control and accessibility.

We equip your home with complete range of security systems :

  • Gas leak sensor
  • Water leakage detector
  • Fire alarms
  • Burglar alarms
  • Automated door locking system
  1.  You can use your web-enabled cell phone to activate your security system from a remote location.
  2.  MacCVie’s home automation security system can also make your home appear to be occupied while you are on vacation by automatically controlling your window shades and lighting as if you were still home.
  3.  In the event your security alarm does sound, you will be notified immediately via your mobile phone, PDA and even email.

3) Surveillance...

Our electronic surveillance equipments allow You to:

  1.  Access to multiple cameras on single screen
  2.  View your cameras from any location in the world with an internet connection or with your PDA cell phone. When your security system is armed to Away mode or Vacation mode, your surveillance system can be setup to email you pictures of any activity on the property
  3.  Monitor and record from any surveillance camera to always keep a watch on your home. Want to know who is at the front door when the doorbell rings? The surveillance feed can be set up to automatically appear on your screen when the doorbell is triggered.
  4.  MacCVie uses an advanced PC-based digital video recorder system to allow users to view video feeds or control their pan-tilt-zoom cameras with the internet, touch screens, or video distribution system.
  5.  door alarms, but with more control and accessibility.

Don’t purchase video surveillance components separately. Save time and money with the easy to install, complete video surveillance system designed to fit your specific needs and installed by MacCVie Automation team of experts.

Software based view of multiple camera’s at different locations.

Maccvie Automation Systems

4) The Digital Video Recorder (DVR)...

The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) provides and facilitate digital format recording for surveillance purposes. This highly flexible product offers various option that enable the user to keep vigil, track and record events based on user defined rules .this can be done through a normal CCTV solution interfaced with a pc (computer) by simply adding a DVR card , or through a standalone system . DVR is a Digital Video Recorder system solution for remote and local video surveillance. DVR systems also allow you to view and record events through your camera over the Internet.

Benefits of DVR:

  1.  PC based video surveillance & recording system
  2.  Monitoring (monitoring your cameras through computer)
  3.  Recording (digital recoding in computer hard disk drive)
  4.  Multi channel recording at a time (more then one camera recording in a single time)
  5.  Motion detection (see motion detection in your area)
  6.  Audio control (audio recording)
  7.  Multi channel controlling (operate all camera in a single time)
  8. View over the 4 to 16 camera at a time

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