Smart Automation

1) Lighting Control..

Think-Next time you come home and you don’t find it dark anymore.
You simply drive up and it lights up on its own and welcomes you as another family member.

MacCView Automations offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine convenience with technology.

MacCVie Automation’s lighting control enhances your life and helps save energy by giving you complete control of your home’s lighting. This control comes in several different forms.

  1.  You can set up different moods or scenes so that one button press on the touch screen or universal remote control can transform a rooms lighting from a standard night time setting to a romantic setting.

2.  You can also automatically control the lights while you are away on vacation, making your home look as if it were occupied.

3.  Our wireless lighting control systems not only provide additional grace and value to your home, they are easily incorporated with our other automation services.

2) Climate Control..

  • Keep your home comfortable at all times monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically.
  • Keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature while you are out, and automatically adjust to more comfortable levels by the time you get home.
  • Control and monitor temperature with low voltage temperature control systems from several locations in your home or remotely via mobile phone or the internet.
  • With our programmable climate options, you can program your system to automatically adjust your home’s temperature based on time of day as well as day of the week. For example, you can set up your system to gradually dim the lights and slowly lower the temperature at the same time everyday to naturally encourage consistent daily biorhythms.
  • In addition, it has dual setpoints for heating and cooling which means that the system will automatically toggle between heat and cool mode as the indoor temperature rises and falls.

3) Biometric System..

Biometrics is technologies used for measuring and analyzing a person’s unique characteristics.

  • It’s a system which is used to monitor the employees attendence through proximity access ID cards (RFID) or by using Finger print Detection Technique.
  • They serve dual purpose for both identification and for time entry.
  • Biometric / RFID Card Attendence Machine with Door Access Control
    – With Finger print Detection.
  • Biometric / RFID Card Attendence Machine.
    – With Finger print Detection
  • Electomagnetic Locks EMI locks
  • RFID Cards
    These cards can be designed to hold all employee details including name of the company, address, hologram, Employee name, ID number, photo images, designation, depart,ment etc.

4) Natural Light Shading..

MacCVie Automation’s shading solutions give you full control over the natural lighting in your home, while reducing daily energy consumption. MacCVie controls natural light by automatically adjusting window shades to keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, cutting your energy costs.

With controllable shading systems, you can use your window treatments at any time and enjoy the full benefits of all your windows every day. Select from a variety of fabrics with different looks, colors and functions (light-filtering, privacy or blackout).

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