1) Video Integration..

Watch what you want and where you want!

  • Now you can start a DVD in the living room and can finish it in the bedroom without taking the DVD out.
  • MacCVie Automation’s video input system enhances the convenience of watching a movie or a show that you have stored on your Digital Video Recorder (DVR).
  • You can also record any television program with your DVR and play it in any room. MacCVie’s integration with the multi-camera surveillance system allows you to view live video feeds from your surveillance cameras on any TV screen in your home.
  • MacCVie also has the ability to automatically mute your television, pause your digital video recorder(DVR), and switch the television’s video input to the front door camera anytime your front door bell is pressed.

Some of our services include :-

  1.  Home theatre integration. Get more viewing choices from any room. With multi room viewing you decide not only what and when to watch but also where to watch.
  2.  Video conferencing rooms
  • for distance learning
  • for business meetings
  • for training and interviews

4.  Multiple rooms and Halls with Projector and Plasama integration.

5.  Multi colour Information Display Systems.

  • Multimedia Kiosks.
  • Advertising information display.

2) Audio System Integration..

  • Control the music of your life from any room in the house – no need to walk to the stereo to choose a component , select a CD, change tracks or adjust volumes.
  • The advanced technology enables us to design and install a complete whole house audio/video automation systems that allows the home owner control of the complete system via in-wall, touch screen controllers located in strategic places.
  • Control from a hand held touch screen controller is also possible by pointing the remote contron in the direction of in-wall IR receiver and selecting any source or by a basic in-wall volume control.

Some of our services include :

  1. Audio Conferences
    For Conferences, Training, Educational, Company Board Meetings etc


2.  Public Address & BGM System.
Background Music to set an ambient mood in offices and commercial complexes.

3.  Technologically enhanced classrooms/labs/office spaces.

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