Why choose Us ?

Why should you choose Us ?

  • Authorised Channel Partners:
    Authorised channel partners for Zicom Security System, The best in the market.
  • Free On-Site consultation:
    Our consultant will visit your premisis at no cost to discuss your automation requirements, and will prepare a checklist to facilitate you in getting your space automatised
  • After-Sales-Services:
    We are a community not just a supplier.
    As a client you automotically become a member of our community. This gives you access to high quality and prompt After-Sales-Services for accelerating your business growth
  • Honest Pricing:
    We will let you know the full cost before we book a job.You will never be presented with unexpected extras like others.
  • We offer options that others don’t:
    Unlike others we offer all the automation solution under one roof starting from free consultation, purchasing, installation and free After-Sales-Services backed with IT solutions.
  • Cost effective & Affordable:
    Your installation charges multiply many folds if you get it done separately from others. However we provide all these solutions under one roof so you don’t need to pay for installation many times, hence our product becomes cost effective and affodable .
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